How Osteopathic Treatment Can Help Your Sinusitis

Most patients seek out Osteopaths for musculoskeletal aches and pain, and one thing that many people do not usually think about going to their Osteopath for, is for sinus infections, sinusitis or sinus congestion. How Osteopathic Treatment worked for me Since moving to Melbourne several years ago, over time I began to feel very congested […]

How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

  Throughout the duration of pregnancy, a woman’s body will go through a few changes. Some of these changes include: – Centre of gravity will change due to growth of breasts and baby – Growth of breasts may cause more upper back pain due to the increased strain on the Thoracic Spine (you will find this will return […]

Why It’s Important To Find The Right Pillow For You

Do you get neck pain? Are you getting 8 hours of sleep? Do you wake up feeling exhausted? If you said yes to one or more of the above questions, maybe it is time you look at your pillow. Your pillow should supply your neck with support and comfort. By sleeping on the wrong pillow you can […]

3 Classic Reasons For People Seeing An Osteopath Over The Holidays

During the Christmas and New Year break we find there are quite a few new patients that come through the clinic. There has been a common theme over the years as to why you might see an Osteopath over the holiday period. SLEEPING IN SPARE BEDS Pillows and mattresses can vary, especially if you are […]

How You Can Prevent Golf Injuries

Golf is a sport that has many health and wellbeing benefits, with a reported 60 million people of all ages playing golf across the world, you can see why it is a popular sport. However, golf can be very demanding; requiring strength, endurance, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability to perform a movement that produces […]

5 Foods That are Surprisingly High in Sugar

  YOGHURT Yoghurts are supposed to be healthy for us, and they are. But many brands add crazy amounts of sugar, especially the low-fat brands. Some brands contain just as many grams of sugar in it as the average chocolate bar does. Try swapping flavoured yoghurt for natural yoghurt and topping it with some berries […]

How Resistance Training Can Benefit You

The basic principal of resistance training (also known as weight training or strength training) is the use of any form of exercise using resistance that forces your skeletal muscles to contract when required. Adding resistance training to your fitness program can help you to build strength, anaerobic endurance and build the size of your skeletal […]

What is Tennis Elbow and How can it be treated?

Tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a very common injury that is often caused by overuse and repetitive stress. This injury can cause long term disability in adults. The main characteristics of tennis elbow are pain and tenderness located where your forearm meets your elbow. Osteopathy treatment for this condition can help to fast track […]

How to Prevent (and Recover from) Plantar Fasciitis

It’s one of the most common injuries and can become a nagging problem for runners. But what exactly is Plantar Fasciitis? And how can you treat it?   WHAT IS PLANTAR FASCIITIS? The Plantar Fascia is the tissue that supports your arch during the stance phase of your running gait. When your foot is on […]

Why it’s important to get your sprained ankle checked!

The sprained ankle is the most common type of athletic injury, with research suggesting that ankle sprains account for 15-30% of all sports injuries, it is also the most frequently re-injured. Although it is a widespread sporting injury, it regularly occurs during every day activities. Without proper treatment for an ankle sprain, there can be […]