Osteopath Elsternwick

Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic is now open to serve you at Elsternwick, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 9km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district. This is one of our best locations for the clinic considering the number of people residing in this area. Elsternwick is highly progressive and has variety of cafes and restaurants that people can enjoy including clinics that can provide high quality health care system.

Our team from Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic are qualified, experienced and trained to do manipulative treatment if you are experiencing chronic pain. Patients will have a one-on-one talk with an osteopath to discuss any concerns you may have prior the examination. Pain can be annoying and can affect your routine including interruption of sleep. When pain is present, it is hard to focus on what you need to do thus making you unproductive and leaves you feeling useless.

We can help you!

Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic offer a customised program of pain treatment which you can do at home or in the office for your convenience. If the problem involved is nothing serious, treatment or therapies may include massage, stretching and gentle manipulation done by an osteopath.

Osteopaths from Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic have wide knowledge on the different treatments involved for complaint such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, knee pain, hip and joint pain and more.

With the best team in town, you have nothing to worry about! Our highly qualified practitioners are dedicated to finding the root cause of the problem and will provide lasting relief for your comfort and ease. If you want to know more about the services we offer on osteopathic treatment, you may drop by our clinic or call us at (03) 9908 2844 for more information. Happy to serve you!