Osteopath Elwood

Osteopathy is an approach to health that has become increasingly popular and recognised around the world. It is currently seen as one of the most effective and comprehensive forms of treatment available.  Due to the demand of Osteopathy treatment, Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic caters and services in the beautiful area of Elwood.

Elwood is one of the suburbs found in Melbourne, 8km. south of Melbourne’s Central Business District where famous bayside beach destination is visited during the summer season.

If you are looking for a team of expert health care practitioners, Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic provides comprehensive screening, gentle and hands-on approach to your health. Our team of highly competent health care professionals are trained and qualified to diagnose and treat independently.
Every day, we see different people all with a variety of conditions including pregnant mothers, unsettled children or those who experienced work strain, pain and stiffness related to old age. The team at Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic will go a long way to help each patients who are suffering from different conditions related to neck and back pains.
Ideally, there is no need for referral form coming from your doctor. The moment you step in, the treatment process begins. You don’t have to wait for long queues and no other treatment options will be offered except the one that we already have which we would highly recommend.
Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic aims to provide the general public an excellent osteopathic treatment that will help individuals have quality treatment including spinal manipulation, deep tissue massage, dry needling and rehabilitation. Our patient deserves only the best in latest medical approaches for their health management..

Our goal is to help patients manage and prevent long term effects of acute issues such as back pain, neck pain, physical activity injuries, headaches, sprains and strains. We are also giving our utmost attention for baby osteopathy to cater newborns, infants and toddlers who needs medical attention.

The availability of an osteopathy clinic in Middle Park will give people easy access to our health care treatment services. We value a friendly and long term approach to motivating our patients and encouraging them to live a healthier life, one that is free from illnesses and diseases. Our osteopathic clinic in Elwood will definitely serve as a place where patients come in with complaints and goes home with a positive outlook in life towards healing and restoration.
The clinic has both credit card/eftpos facilities and HICAPS, which enables you to process your private health rebates on the spot for convenience. We are open between 7:30am and 9pm Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 5pm on Saturdays offering office and business workers, schoolchildren and other people who have heavy demands on their time. So if you are searching for an experienced and personable osteopath in South Melbourne, make an appointment today.
If you have any further questions about what we do and the services that we offer, please visit our website and go to the contact page.