Osteopath South Melbourne

South Melbourne residents have easy and convenient access to our osteopathic clinic via tram #112 from Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, to the corner of Cowderoy and Park streets, St Kilda West.  Our clinic; Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic is 50 metres from the tram stop. An alternative mode of public transport is tram #96 from the South Melbourne light rail stop to Fraser Street light rail stop. The clinic is only a 3-5 minute drive from South Melbourne and there is plenty of free car parking in the street in front of the premises.

Our osteopathic staff pride themselves on offering a complete, professional and friendly service to our patients, ranging in age from newborns to the elderly. Our friendly service starts at the door, where you will be ushered into a calming atmosphere designed to put you at ease. If you are a new patient, you will be asked about your medical history, including the issues which led you to seek professional help. Your osteopath will then draw up a treatment plan, designed for your particular needs. It may contain exercises for you to do at home, thus speeding recovery.   We aim to help get you back to good health as quickly as possible.

The problems that our osteopaths treat include common complaints such as back and neck pain and headaches, as well as injuries and pain in joints including knee, shoulder, hip, feet and jaw. Therapies chosen by our osteopaths depend on the nature of the injury or pain, and can include massage, manipulation and stretching. At all times we encourage patients to ask any questions they have about their treatment and their progress.

The team at Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic are all former athletes and they know well how sports injuries can affect both performance and wellbeing. The Osteopaths have a special interest in treating injuries arising from a range of sports, including football, running, cycling, swimming and gymnastics. She is able to quickly identify the source of the problem and devise a therapeutic plan which will get the best and fastest results.

Osteopathic care of newborns is another area of particular interest at the clinic. New parents can have their baby checked over by an osteopath with experience with newborns and toddlers. Any   problems resulting from the birth process can be identified and a gentle therapeutic program devised. We also offer ante and postnatal care for the mother, giving her peace of mind knowing that she has given her baby a good start in life.

We also see schoolchildren who have developed bad posture and related pain through spending long hours over computers and carrying heavy school bags. By working on realigning their bodies we can help prevent further pain and lasting damage to the body.

Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic is at 63 Park Road, St Kilda West. We are open between 7:30am and  9pm Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 5pm on Saturdays, offering office and business workers, schoolchildren and other people who have heavy demands on their time. So if you are searching for an experienced and personable osteopath in South Melbourne, make an appointment today.

The clinic has both credit card/eftpos facilities and HICAPS, which enables you to process your private health rebates on the spot for convenience.