Osteopath St.Kilda East

Our clinic open to serve clients located in St. Kilda East, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria 6km south-east from Melbourne’s Central Business District. St. Kilda East is densely populated and diversely populated. This suburb is livable with its quiet and peaceful residential area recommended for newly married couples, young families and retired persons.

We found that the development in this area gives us an opportunity to serve our clients better as we focus on pain treatment and long term pain relief. Clients in St. Kilda East can now be seen, diagnosed and treated right away; our goal is to provide relief of pain on the first session or the next one. Our Osteopaths are experts in their field; they are trained and knowledgeable in handling clients from children to the elderly. We have hired Osteopaths who are experienced and clients can rely upon.

At Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic you can be sure that our Osteopaths will do their best to fix the underlying cause of pain by giving you relief through spine and body work. Our approach is holistic and we treat every patient like family because we truly care and we want you to get back in shape in no time. If you got any questions, call us today!