Spinal Osteopathy

Neck pain, upper and lower back pain

Whether it be posture related issues or pain, spinal injury, bulging disc or pain in the spine or from the nerves originating at the spine our osteopaths are your spinal technicians and we can help.


Our Osteopaths will work to assess your problem area by performing any relevant tests and examination in the consultation. This will allow them to come to a diagnosis and they will then provide relevant hands on treatment during your consultation, which may include massage, stretching, joint mobilisation or loosening, and ligament work.

You may then be given some tips or further rehabilitation exercises for at home to speed up your recovery.

Our Osteopaths are able to refer you for X-ray or MRI if required to get the answers needed.

Things the osteopath will consider when working with you are:

  • Why did this problem start?
  • Is there other areas in the body affecting or contributing to the issue?
  • How can we resolve the pain or problem area and help the results to last?

Cervical Spine (neck)

“Ipad neck” forward head carriage

Forward head carriage or as we like to call it “ipad neck” is the posture of the head jutting forwards in front of the shoulders from hours spent everyday looking down at mobile phones and ipads or sitting at a computer based work station. This in turn stretches the spinal cord, nerves, important ligaments and muscles which can then refer pain to the head.

  • Neck pain/strain
  • Disc bulge
  • Wry neck
  • Pins and needles or numbness in the arms or hands
  • Headaches associated with neck
  • Muscle tightness

23365773 - female massage

Thoracic Spine (mid back)

  • Pain
  • Rib pain
  • Disc bulge
  • Postural tension
  • Muscle tightness
  • Pins and needles

Lumbar Spine (Lower back)

MPOC back pain treatment

  • Pain
  • Strain
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle tightness
  • Disc bulge/slipped disc
  • Pins and needles or numbness in legs
  • Arthritic pain
  • AS- Ankylosing spondylitis