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3 Classic Reasons For People Seeing An Osteopath Over The Holidays

During the Christmas and New Year break we find there are quite a few new patients that come through the clinic. There has been a common theme over the years as to why you might see an Osteopath over the holiday period.


Pillows and mattresses can vary, especially if you are in the guest room at someone else’s house. They may be lumpy or too soft, too hard and can differ to what your body is use to at home. Because of this we tend to see people that have a tight and angry neck and back after the Christmas break. A few tips that can help prevent aches and pains include


– Take your own pillow

– Avoid sleeping on blow up/air mattresses if you already have aches and pains

– Stretch before you go to bed to keep your spine flexible and prepared for the night ahead

– Try to stretch when you wake up in the morning


Often people don’t get their holidays until the end of the year so they save all their gardening and housework for the last week of the year. This can strain your body in different ways if you don’t take precautions:


– Make sure to use kneeling pads

– Don’t do it all yourself. Try to get family, your partner or friends to help you out so you are less likely to cause injury by taking on a big load

– Take regular breaks to hydrate and stretch your body

– Wear comfortable and suitable shoes


The Christmas season can take you places far and wide to visit friends and family. This often this leads to long drives in the car which can affect your neck, hips and back. Here are some ways to help you through the drive:



– If you find yourself in the car for a long period of time, make sure to take regular breaks every 2 hours

– Give your body the opportunity to stretch and walk around outside the car

– Stay hydrated

– Take your time and be safe on the roads. There is no rush!


If you would like to book an appointment with one of our Osteopaths, you can call the clinic on 9908 2844 or book online here.

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