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7 Ways To Help Prevent Your Lower Back Pain


Exercise regularly

30 minutes of moderate exercise like walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates or group exercise class can help to reduce your risk of back pain. It’s also extremely beneficial to decrease your risk of Heart Disease, certain cancers, Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis.

Exercise helps to strengthen your muscles. These muscles are important for good posture and thus less back pain.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has been shown to increase your chances of back pain.


Try to decrease areas of stress in your life. Stress has been shown to increase your chance of back pain, especially work related stress. It’s important to talk to a health professional if you feel like stress is impacting your life.

Take Regular Stretch Breaks

Try not to sit, drive or stand for too long. Take a quick break each hour and have a very gentle stretch, walk around and change position. This can decrease the strain on the joints and loosens up muscles.

Lift & Carry Safely

Bend you knees and squat down when lifting, then push up using your legs, keep what you lift very close to your body. Additionally, what you want to carry must be kept very close to you and always ask someone to help you.

Drink More Water & Eat more Veggies

A healthy diet not only makes you feel amazing and helps with good fats intakes eg avocado, olive oil, fish. These fats (omega 3) are linked with decreasing your chance of arthritis and discomfort in your lower back.  

Try Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that has been shown to reduce stress and decrease your chance of back pain. It has also been shown to help decrease back pain once you have it. Check out some app of your phone and different websites that can educate. Headspace, Better Health Victoria and Beyond Blue are good places to start.

Ask your friendly Osteopath for more advice on managing and preventing Low Back Pain at your next appointment.


Kate Round

This post was written by Dr Kate Locke.

You can find out more about Kate here or book an appointment here.

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