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8 ways to Improve Your Happiness

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March 20 was International Happiness day. Ultimately everybody strives for happiness in their life.

If you are in need of some extra motivation to get happy, check out the 8 tips below and try to improve your day:

Positive thinking

A sense of enthusiasm, hopefulness and optimism is a great way to get through stressful situations.

Meditation/Breathing exercises

Take some time out in the day for yourself. Just 5minutes of no screen time and focusing on your breathing can help calm your mind and bring some clarity to the day!


A good nights rest can regulate your hormones and sense of wellbeing. Set a good sleep routine and try to not look at a screen for 30minutes to an hour before bed.

Expressing gratitude

Focusing on what you have and are grateful for rather than what you don’t have. This is a great way to appreciate what you have going for you and keep the negative thoughts at bay.


Keeping active is not only good for your health but can improve on your mood to. Whether you prefer a walk, going to the gym or playing sport with friends, try to get your body moving.

Get outside

A small stroll in the park, fresh air and gardening will do the trick. Getting some Vitamin D early morning is great for keeping your mood elevated.

Eat healthy

Get those fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. Eating the ‘rainbow’ promotes diversity in the gut and various vitamins they produce.


If frowning causes sadness perhaps it stands to reason that the inverse is true! Put a smile on that dial (even if you need to fake it till you make it for a bit).


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