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9 Stretches You Can Use At Your Desk!

It is true that we all sit more than we should. Sitting for prolonged periods negatively affects our systemic health but can also predispose use to injury such as low pain, neck pain and tension headaches.

New research from Stamatakis et al., published April 22 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), has found that standing, instead of sitting does not offset the cardiovascular risks from sitting for long periods. Offsetting sitting or standing with a simple movement such as walking may reduce these cardiovascular mortality risks. Walking is also great for allowing the muscles and tendons to stretch and strengthen to support our biomechanics into a more upright pattern.

But what if we have an important deadline where we just can’t leave our desks? Here are a few stretches that won’t replace the benefits of your lunchtime walk, but they can help to loosen up tight areas that may become weak and sore, making us susceptible to injury with prolonged desk use.

In the following video we demonstrate movement stretches that you can perform at your desk with just a few minutes while you mull over your complex problem. Remember to work within your limits, only stretching through the range of motion that you feel comfortable with.

If you experience any pain or discomfort during these stretches, ease off slightly to a more comfortable, gentle stretch. If you feel any pain in discomfort please consult your Osteopath.



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This post was written and filmed by Dr Jessica Davies.

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