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Benign Position Vertigo – How to find relief with our special manoeuvre

Do you know that our team of Osteopaths are trained to help people with Benign Positional vertigo?

When people suffer vertigo they feel as though the rooms is spinning especially when they move into particular positions such as rolling over in bed.

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 Our team have been trained in a special treatment that helps to dislodge the crystals that form in the ears allowing very rapid relief of the spinning sensation.

We have seen patients who have had this type of vertigo sometimes for up to several months and found no relief with medications. They were unaware that we (their Osteopaths) could help them and in 1 treatment we see huge resolution of their symptoms and mostly complete resolution after just two treatments. So if you suffer from this spinning sensation or you know someone who is help them find relief ASAP by calling us at the clinic for an appointment.


Georgie Round

This post was written by Dr Georgina Fisher.

You can find out more about Georgie here or book an appointment here.

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