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Do I need to be in Pain to see an Osteopath?

Shoulder treatment

You don’t have to be in pain to see an Osteopath.

There are many of us that use pain as a guide for understanding our bodies. Some people may think that ‘if i am not in pain then my body is fine’, which may not always be the case. Pain can sometimes be your body’s last resort to get your attention. It can alert you of an injury, let you know when to get away from dangerous situations (warning that’s hot) or it can force you to rest and heal.

Osteopath’s often see patients come in with severely acute pain from a relatively minor incident, such as back pain from picking up a light object off the floor. This type of pain tells your Osteopath that something has been contributing to your problem for a while, with the root of the cause vast and varied. It could vary from a sore back caused by an imbalance in your pelvis, a knee injury causing a limp, or a new job that forces your body into a different position, giving you grief as it hasn’t been able to easily adapt. Sometimes it can be months or even year before the problem manifests into pain.

Your Osteopath is able to assess your body and rebalance the asymmetries, address muscle tightness and change postural factors before they set a pattern leading to injury, which is why it is important to finish your treatment plan devised by your Osteopath and to attend occasional maintenance appointments.

If you see your Dentist every six months for a check up, it makes sense that you can also see an Osteopath for a body check up as well. For someone who wants to continue to be active and mobile for longer, being proactive about your health is essential. Checking in with your Osteopath or allied health practitioner for regular treatments (whether it is monthly, every three months or every six months) can help keep your awareness and function at an optimal level, leaving you feeling more aligned, balanced and connected to your body.


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