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Have You Got Study Back?

We are coming to the end of the year and semester for all those students out there, which means exams and last assignments are due! Whether you are a high school or university student you will know that right now, you do not want to deal with the extra added stress of back pain. However, with all the sleepless hours of sitting, hunched over a desk sometimes back pain can strike.

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Here are some useful tips you can use during this stressful period to help reduce your study back.

– Heat; apply a heat pack or hot water bottle to your back while sitting

 Add a towel; apply a half rolled up towel to the lumber curve of your spine. You can adjust how much support you would like by rolling up the towel more or less

– Breathing exercises; This can help you deal with those high levels of stress

– Sit on a cushion or pillow; This will help ease the level of compression through your spine and will help you to sit for longer periods more comfortably

– Stand up; This can help to loosen up the muscles that are busy stabilising you during those long periods of sitting and prevent fatigue

– Drink plenty of water

– Eat decent and healthy meals

– Remember to give yourself decent breaks from the desk and computer

– Exercise! Get your body moving before, after or in-between study sessions. Even if you take a walk around the block, physical activity can help boost your brain activity and keep your body active to strengthen and support your body

If you are experiencing any back pain, consult your Osteopath or health care professional for advice.


Caley Olesen

This blog post was written by Dr Caley Olesen.
You can find out more about Caley here or book an appointment with her here
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