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How mindful are you? Here are 3 of the best mindfulness apps!

With today’s modern lifestyle packed with countless social media, family responsibilities and work deadlines, it’s no wonder that many of us are left feeling stressed out, tired, emotionally exhausted and anxious. Lucky that many apps can be used as your own little piece of time out. Here are my three top picks to try today.



Probably the most popular meditation app, headspace combining meditation and mindfulness. With a subscription you can access hundreds of meditation from focus, sleep, stress and anxiety. There are also packs specifically for sport, SOS meltdown sessions and even a pack to help you build a healthier relationship.


One of my favourite apps. It comes with sleep stories for adults, with a soothing voice telling stories on anything from scenic landscapes music to fiction stories – perfect for when you can’t switch your mind off. Also included on the app is 7 days of calm which guides you through 7 days of meditation.

Smiling mind.

Co-developed by psychologists and health professions, smiling mind is a non for profit web and app based meditation program. Designed to address a range of issues from sports performance, communication, relationship building and stress management, smiling mind is useful for all age groups.


Monica Round

This post was written by Dr Monica Bassier.

You can find out more about Monica here or book an appointment with her here.

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