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How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy



Throughout the duration of pregnancy, a woman’s body will go through a few changes. Some of these changes include:

– Centre of gravity will change due to growth of breasts and baby

– Growth of breasts may cause more upper back pain due to the increased strain on the Thoracic Spine (you will find this will return to normal post birth)

– You will carry more weight (approx. 12-15kgs) which can cause strain of muscles and joints

– Breasts will become larger, getting ready for breast feeding. This can lead to upper back pain

– The uterus and abdominal muscles will stretch to accommodate your growing baby

– There is an increase in your Lumbar Lordosis (sway lower back) this can cause lower back pain

– Increased strain on your muscles and joints, which can lead to aches and pains, especially in the hips

– In the pelvic and pubic symphysis, the hormone relaxin causes ligaments to relax. This hormone helps the pelvic region to widen and become more flexible in preparation for birth. However, there are some women who experience significant pain and disability in this area and their lower back, before birth. This laxity/flexibility will return to normal, after some time, post birth.


Here at Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic we have found more pregnant women are starting to visit for back aches and pain, hip pain and pelvic pain. Osteopathy can provide a great treatment regime to manage pregnancy along with your health care providers. Our Osteopaths’ can help to gently ease your tight muscles and help move the joints.

Many of our pregnant patients come in for treatment for:

– Back pain

– Sciatic pain

– Hip pain

– Pelvic pain (also known as pelvic girdle pain)

– Neck pain

– Headaches




Kate Round

This post was written by Dr Kate Locke.

You can find out more about Kate here or book an appointment here.

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