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“No time” for exercise? 7 easy ways to get almost anybody moving more!


We’ve all heard of “desk disease” – the one where we start to feel aches and pains thanks to long periods of sitting, mostly while at work. As a society, we are working longer hours than ever before, which means we’re usually sitting for longer, and perceive less time to get to the gym, pool, running track, or yoga class.

You might think this means you have no time for exercise, but just because you can’t make it to some structured exercise, doesn’t mean you can’t still keep moving. Remember: sitting is not inherently bad for us, but the accompanying lack of movement certainly is!

So, here are seven easy (and cheap!) ways to fit some more movement into your day:

1) Try running errands by foot.

These days, it’s all too easy to jump in the car and head down to the post office, bank, hairdresser, or to grab a few things from the market or supermarket. Why not leave the car at home and walk these errands instead? If you’re close enough to amenities, this is a great way to get some movement in, all while helping the environment! You can even carry small amounts of groceries with you to train your arms in ways they may not be used much.

2) Too busy with lunch time conference calls? Walk and talk!

This is an easy one as you really only need your phone, earbuds if you want them, and your two feet! If you don’t need resources immediately in front of you, try heading out of the office. Your body and brain (with all that fresh air) will thank you.

3) Change part of your commute to work.

Look, I’m not going to tell you to walk to work if you live a 45 minute drive away, but can you change part of your commute to accommodate some movement? You could get off the bus a couple of stops early, or park your car a few blocks away and walk. You could try standing on the train instead of sitting. You could even walk or ride the whole way if it’s not too far.

4) Try sitting – on the floor!

You get home from work, you’ve had a long day, you just want to sit down and watch Masterchef. Or Love Island. Or whichever reality tv you’re into (I’m not judging). Have you thought about sitting down on the floor instead of the couch or your favourite chair? Sitting on the floor changes the configurations of your joints from what they’re used to. You’ll also need a level of balance and strength to get up and down. Try sitting cross-legged – can’t do it like you used to be able to? Keep practicing and you soon will!

5) Talk face-to-face.

Where possible, try not to email or call colleagues when you could talk to them face-to-face. Little bits of movement sprinkled throughout the day are fantastic to get your joints moving after prolonged periods at your desk.

6) Hit up a shopping centre.

If you don’t like the idea of walking outside for weather or security reasons, why not head to a shopping centre and walk around there, while you potentially grab a bargain? My 89 year old grandmother still does this, so I know you can too.

7) Try doing your housework in small increments.

Instead of having one big day of cleaning each week, why not tidy up day to day? Dusting, loading the dishwasher, or loading and unloading the washing machine – even cooking for yourself each night instead of takeaway all require you to m-o-v-e. I don’t know anyone that likes doing it, but why not take the opportunity to feel like a domestic god/dess and keep your joints happy at the same time?


Jemimah Nicholson

Jemimah Nicholson

This post was written by Dr Jemimah Nicholson.

You can find out more about Jemimah here or book an appointment with her here.

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