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Osteopaths: What are we looking for?

So you may have wondered what we as osteopaths are looking out for. We look at you from the front, side and back. But what are we looking at?

As soon as a person comes through my door I am already assessing their function. Do they look comfortable in their posture, or is their head tilted forward?

I then look at the bag they are holding. Is it dragging their shoulder down on one side? When they sit down. Do they cross one leg over the other?… All of these automatically go through your mind as an osteopath.

Then comes the fun for us! We get to look at your spine.


Firstly, the pelvis.

The balanced pelvis is imperative for spine health so we have to assess that first. With our thumbs on your Sacro-iliac joints (SIJ’s) on the bottom of your back, we get you to do movements to see if it moves well in everyday life.

Then the spine.

If the pelvis isn’t aligned it is very likely that your spine won’t be either which may be causing your shoulder and neck symptoms.

Don’t forget your knees and feet!

We want to make sure your feet and knees are in alignment too because a locked joint down there may also be a reason your shoulder isn’t getting better!

We then get to work treating what we find. Once the treatment course is completed, and your pelvis and spine are aligned, pain symptoms improve.


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