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Osteopathy for your Babies and Children

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What can I expect during my baby/child’s appointment as a parent?

Many parents can find booking their baby or child in for an appointment to be daunting no matter what Practitioner or Doctor it may be with, however booking your child in with an Osteopath does not have to be stressful.

Similar to your normal Osteopathic appointments, there are clinical processes and requirements that all Osteopaths must follow. These include performing a physical assessment, a thorough health history (this includes an obstetric and birth history for babies), discussion of a proposed treatment plan, provision of information on the risks and benefits of treatment and take home advice and methods that you can apply for your baby or child yourself.

What do Osteopaths treat in babies and children?

Paediatric Osteopaths see a range of patient groups, which include:

– Babies needing assistance after birth

– Families seeking information on normal growth and development of babies

– Babies needing assistance with sleep or feeding

– Toddlers

– “Growing pains”

– Children experiencing pain or discomfort during sports or school

– Children needing rehabilitation after injury or post- surgery

– Children with chronic conditions, other physical impairments or difficulties relating to their growth, development, postures or movement

Even if there is nothing you would like specifically assessed for your child, some families also like to utilise an Osteopath’s screening process, to assess their developmental and age specific functional milestones. Paediatric Osteopaths use physical, orthopaedic, neurological and functional tests designed for children in order to assess any obstacles to these milestones.

Will Osteopathic treatment hurt my baby/child?

Osteopathic treatment for babies and children is very gentle and is often quite soothing. Osteopaths have a diverse range of gentle techniques which can quite often cause babies to even fall asleep.

How do I know you can help my baby/child?

Osteopaths with a focus on paediatrics have extensive training and will work with you to ensure your child receives the best of care. Paediatric Osteopaths have an in-depth knowledge of:

– Anatomical, physiological, musculoskeletal and neurological issues and considerations in children and young people throughout their development

– Paediatric assessment and clinical tests for children and young people

– Developmental milestones and normal development

– Paediatric screening protocols by age and sex

– Paediatric referral pathways

– Paediatric clinical presentations

– Age appropriate manual therapy interventions

– Broader health interventions for children and young people outside of manual therapy that may have benefits

– Indicators of child distress/trauma

– Social and psychological factors that may impact physical capabilities in children and young people


Caley Olesen

This blog post was written by Dr Caley Olesen.
You can find out more about Caley here or book an appointment with her here.
Alternatively, you can contact the clinic on 03 9908 2844.

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