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Period Pain and Osteopathy

Period pain can be as simple as mild ache for a few hours in the lower abdomen, or as crippling as agonising spasms combined with back and buttock pain. Women are sometimes told that “It’s just period pain” and not to worry about it, but if your pains are particularly severe you should always follow up with an ultrasound from your GP so that you can be sure it’s nothing more serious.


If your pain affects your low back, buttocks or hips, you may also have pelvic floor tightness or weakness (sometimes the two can go together). This is particularly common in women who have recently given birth, but can affect anyone at all (men have a pelvic floor too!).

If your pain stays local to your abdomen, then it is more likely coming from the inner muscles of your womb which cramp to ultimately cause the bleed. Your muscles may just be fatigued from working a little too hard, which is particularly common if you are deficient in some important nutrients, like magnesium, potassium or iron. Leafy greens, nuts and chia seeds are a great source of all of these.
Speak to your Osteopath about what you can do to minimise period pain, and to have an assessment of your pelvic floor. You don’t have to be on your period for the Osteopath to be able to work out what might be going on, and an assessment of your pelvic floor can be done perfectly well while you are wearing leggings, some shorts or tights, so it is not as invasive as you might imagine. If you are worried about what it involves, just ask your Osteo!
There is no need to suffer period pains “just because” – book yourself in to get some treatment and exercise ideas that will help to minimise your discomfort.

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