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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What is SIJ Pain?

Sacroiliac Joint Pain, also known as SIJ Pain, is the result of improper movements of the joints in the lower spine where sacrum connects to the pelvis. It can be caused by hyperactivity where the joints move too much with repetitive movements, joint degeneration or even degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis.

 Pain can often be in the low back and legs, hip and glutes or inflammation of the joints known as Sacroiliitis.

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Are there other factors that can cause this pain?

There are several factors that may contribute to the development of Sacroiliac Joint Pain.

These factors need to be assessed and corrected with direction from an Osteopath and may include:

–  Biomechanical abnormalities

–  Poor posture

–  Lumbar spine stiffness

–  A sedentary lifestyle

–  Poor core stability

–  Inappropriate lifting technique

– Being overweight

–  Muscle imbalances, weakness or tightness

– Leg length differences

– A lifestyle involving large amounts of sitting,

bending or lifting

How do Osteopath’s treat SIJ Pain?

Treatment will usually depend on the cause of pain and may include:

–  Dry needling

– Superficial cold treatments

– Deep tissue massage

– Myofascial release

– Muscle energy stretching techniques


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