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Shoulder Pain & The Common Causes.

Shoulder pain is a common problem in our community, and there are many things that can cause shoulder pain.


The four most common underlying causes are from:

– Rotator cuff injuries: it can normally be seen with repetitive overuse and sport injuries

– Glenohumeral dysfunction – “shoulder joint” where your arm bone connects with your shoulder blade

– Acromioclavicular joint pathology- this causes pain at the joint where your collarbone meets the tip of your shoulder

– Referred pain that has come from your neck or upper back

The great news is that with appropriate treatment the pain will most likely improve and most importantly you can go back to doing the things you love!

Did you know?

The shoulder is complex, and made out of several components, it has two main joints and strong connective tissue forms your shoulder capsule. Strong tendons, ligaments and muscle also support your shoulder to make it stable.

Causes of shoulder pain can be due to a range of things:

– Osteoarthritis, inflammation of the shoulder capsule, injuries and sprains

– It can also stem from your neck and upper back! The pain from your neck and back can be felt at the back of your shoulder and outside of your upper arm.

Treating shoulder pain:

Osteopaths can evaluate and diagnose your shoulder pain using a series of tests and a body assessment.

Early goals include relieving pain and inflammation, to return you to normal function as well as decrease any tension with associated muscles.

Your practitioner can also provide stretching and rehabilitation exercises and advice on how to improve your posture and lifestyle habits.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, make an appointment with your health practitioner. Our Osteopaths are here to accurately diagnose and treat your shoulder pain. Speak with your practitioner to discuss other management strategies for your specific situation.


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