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Watch the video below for Jemimah’s top 3 favourite movements for wrist mobility and strength.

Our wrists are easily forgotten but they need just as much love as the rest of our bodies, especially if you:

– Work at a computer

– Are on your phone a lot

– Lift weights in the gym

– Have hobbies requiring use of your hands, such as knitting, blacksmithing, painting, tennis, handstands, or yoga

– Work as a barista

– Work in a hands-on trade

– Work as a hairdresser

 -Work as a manual therapist

If your wrists have been giving you trouble, pop in to see your Osteopath for a tailored approach to your clinical and at-home management.


Jemimah Nicholson

This post was written and filmed by Dr Jemimah Nicholson.

You can find out more about Jemimah here or book an appointment with her here.

Alternatively, you can call the clinic on 9908 2844.

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