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Tummy Time for Babies!

We understand that when you become a new parent, you are discovering a whole new world after your baby is born. What an absolute roller coaster! In among the 100’s of new questions you form daily, you may have found yourself asking “What is this tummy time people keep talking about? Why is it important?” and What happens when my baby doesn’t like tummy time?”

Here at Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic we have Paediatric Osteo’s experienced in treating babies and have heard these questions before. We are always more than happy to assist you in navigating this topic.


What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time is exactly that! The time that your baby spends on it’s tummy! While on their tummies, your baby’s forearms are at their sides in order to take weight and help them to lift their head and back to look around.

Make sure you are always there to supervise your baby during this play activity.

How early can I start tummy time?

Supervised Tummy Time can start soon after they are born on a comfortable, safe surface. It can be done several times a day, starting from 1-2 minutes, building up to 10-15minutes as they get more comfortable.

– Supervised Tummy Time can be done when your baby is awake and not too tired.

– Having interesting and safe toys or books nearby can help encourage your baby to lift and turn their head.

– Get on the floor next to your baby yourself! They always love to see your smiling face nearby – talking, singing and engaging with them!

There are many different Tummy Time positions for your baby to try!

Some babies are not comfortable in the tummy time position, so tummy Time on the floor is not the only option.

– Your baby may prefer Tummy Time on a rolled up towel on the floor.

– They may enjoy being carried by you over your lap, chest, shoulders or arm

– You can even support them over Swiss ball.

The importance of tummy time

– Supervised Tummy time helps strengthen your baby’s head, neck, back and arm muscles.

– It helps prevent flat spots on their head (as babies are put to sleep on their backs).

– It also helps them to see their world from a different point of view, which also helps brain development.

We understand that your baby may be a bit unsettled when you start doing some Tummy Time. Learning a new skill can be tricky! You can initially keep the time spent on the floor to just a minute to help them adjust and get comfortable.

Points to remember

– Always supervise you baby during Tummy Time.

– As your baby gets better at Tummy Time and starting moving around on the floor, take care to clear away potential dangers.

– Babies are encouraged to be put to sleep on their backs.


Deanna 2019

This post was written by Dr Deanna Cooper.

You can find out more about Deanna here or book an appointment here.

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