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What’s so great about exercise?

Everyone knows that exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, but what is it that makes exercising so great?


Endorphins get released when you exercise.

These molecules of happiness help counteract feelings of stress and can make you feel high, and may be responsible for a large number of the benefits of exercise.

You’ll sleep better when you exercise regularly.

Better quality sleep has been shown in various studies to aid concentration, memory and health, while making you appear more attractive and feel less stressed, even at just 10 minutes per day.

You’ll behave better.

A study of bosses found that those bosses who were regularly physically active had happier employees, who were less likely to report feeling victimised at work. Those bosses who were physically inactive were likely to feel more stressed and take it out on their unsuspecting employees. Exercise regularly, and become a nicer person to be around.

You’ll get excited.

When you regularly break a sweat, you’ll feel more excited and enthusiastic about life. One study found that of 190 college students, those who exercised were more optimistic about life. The study also found that any day where participants exercised at a slightly higher intensity than usual, caused an even greater boost to mood for that day.

You’ll be less likely to die from any cause.

All-cause mortality has been found to be significantly reduced in anyone who exercises regularly, even those who exercise less than the recommended amount of 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity, or 75 minutes per week of intense exercise across 3 sessions. One study found that people who exercised regularly at less than the recommended amount, compared with those who do no regular exercise, were 30% less likely to die from any reason, while those meeting the guidelines were 35% less likely to die from any reason. Other studies have shown similar inverse associations with fitness and mortality.


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This blog post was written by Dr Anna Brown.
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