How You Can Prevent Golf Injuries


Golf is a sport that has many health and wellbeing benefits, with a reported 60 million people of all ages playing golf across the world, you can see why it is a popular sport. However, golf can be very demanding; requiring strength, endurance, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability to perform a movement that produces some of the fastest club head and ball speeds of any sport.

Golf requires much more athletic ability than many imagine and the consequences of this mean many people suffer injuries through poor general conditioning, lack of warm up, poor technique and practice and playing habits.

Injury Prevention

Swing correction and warming up before golf has been shown to decrease injuries. There are specific ranges of motion that a golfer should be able to attain.

Your Osteopath can provide you with a golfer physical screen that assesses your body’s range of motion, strength etc and provide you with exercises to correct any deficits. They will help optimise your body to best suit your golf swing and body’s limitations.

With regular conditioning, improvement in technique, warm ups and structured practice the improvements in a golfer’s performance and reduction in injuries can be significant. Your Osteopath can help you with this as well as provide you with effective treatment should you suffer with any injuries.


Georgie Round

This post was written by Dr Georgina Fisher.

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