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Can Sleep Impact Your Pain?


Can Poor Sleep Make Pain Worse?

We often associate not sleeping with stress but you may not always think about some of the other impacts it may have on your body.

Poor quality sleep can impact pain and stress. Therefore it is important to address any sleep issues when tackling ongoing pain.

Recent evidence suggests that poor sleep can predict pain and compound pain in certain conditions.

How does this happen?

Your body has in built pain relieving mechanisms (opioid receptors) that are disrupted with sleep deprivation. This means that poor quality or lack of sleep can also decrease the efficacy of some pain medications.

Sleep disruption has big potential to exacerbate pain.

What can I do about it?

Some ways to improve sleep is to improve sleep hygiene include:

– Maintain a regular sleep routine

– Avoid naps if possible especially after 3pm

– Don’t watch TV in bed

– Avoid screen time at least 30minutes before bed (smart phones, laptops and tablets)

– Exercise regularly

– Have a quiet, comfortable bedroom


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This post was written by Dr Janine Symington.

You can find out more about her here or book an appointment online here.

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