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Can you adjust your driving posture?

Do you find that you are sitting in the car for long periods of time? Maybe you are stuck in traffic or have a long drive ahead of you to work? A majority of people will spend hours in the car a week going to and from home to work/school.


Here are 7 quick checks and tips to help ensure that your driving position is adjusted and is as comfortable as possible:

1. Make sure your headrest is no lower than the tops of your ears and positioned close to your head

2. Most cars are fitted with lumbar support in the seat. Adjust the lumbar support so you have even back support that feels comfortable and supportive (A lumbar cushion or rolled towel can be added if you feel that the backrest of your car is not supporting you fully)

3. Your steering wheel should be down and toward you to minimise reach. If you stretch your arms out over the top of the wheel, your wrists should bend over the top of your steering wheel. While driving try to keep your wrists straight while holding on the steering wheel

4. Try to vary your hold on the steering wheel from time to time. This will help to relax your neck and shoulders. You can do this by changing the stance of your hold from the 10-2 o’clock to the 9-3 o’clock

5. Avoid reaching into the back of the car from the front seat. If you need to access things in the back, use the backdoors

6. When getting into the car, try sitting first and then swing your legs into the car. To get out, slide the legs out first then stand up to decrease low back strain. With fabric seats, try placing a plastic pocket or bag on the seat to help you swivel

7. Make sure to take frequent breaks if you have a long drive ahead. Try to get out of the car and stretch – at least every 2 hours


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