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How Can Osteo Help Sinusitis?



Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, is an inflammatory condition affecting the nose and sinuses surrounding.

It is a common presentation in Australia, with risk factors including a previous common cold, seasonal allergies, structural problem in the nose, or immune system dysfunction.

What are sinuses and how do they work?

The sinuses are hollow cavities in the frontal bones above your eyes, behind the upper nose, in the sphenoid bones behind your eyes and in your cheekbones.


Their function is to humidify the air, as it journeys to the lungs and trap bacteria in the mucus produced by the lymphatic membranes. These bacteria are usually removed from the sinuses by swallowing the mucus or pushing it out of the naval cavity. When sinusitis occurs, the passages that allow the drainage of the mucus are restricted and the membranes lining the sinuses become inflamed.


Common symptoms of sinus infection include:

– Sinus pressure

– Headache

– Facial pain or pressure

– Nasal congestion/blockage/obstruction

– Cough or sore throat

– Runny nose

– Ear pain

– Toothache

How can Osteopathy assist?

Osteopathy can provide a complementary treatment to your sinus management, by taking a holistic approach. Hands on treatment may include working around the face, sinuses, neck, jaw and upper back. Treating these areas can help reduce the general tension that can exacerbate the sinusitis.

The aim of this treatment is to facilitate fluid and lymphatic drainage, improve congestion, lessen the pain of headaches and make breathing easier.

If you or someone you know has suffers with acute or chronic sinusitis, seek with your healthcare practitioner or Osteopath in Melbourne for the right advice and treatment plan going forward for you.


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