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Martial Arts and Osteopathy

When we exercise, we’re doing our body a favour – from weight management, stress relief and better sleep, to reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases. But there are some unwanted side effects as well that need to be managed. Martial artists in particular can take a literal beating when they work out, and need to take care of themselves to maintain their strength.
Many martial artists have very one-sided training sessions, or a general preference that can take a toll. For instance, always using the right had to do an upper cut, or the left leg as a stabiliser when doing push-kicks.
martial arts
It’s important to try to balance out the body by doing an equal amount of training on both sides, but that cannot always be the case, particularly if you are in competitions and need to prioritise winning over long-term body care (we’ve all been there). The torsions and imbalances in muscle strength can contribute or lead to postural problems and a tendency towards certain injuries.
Your Osteopath can help to counter the effects of one-sided dominance, (and the regular injuries!) that occur with martial arts training.

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