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Michelle’s Raw Cacao & Date Bites Recipe


From the success of Georgie’s Lemon Coconut Balls, this week’s clinic recipe is brought to you by Michelle. Michelle is part of our amazing team of Osteo’s and has now added dry needling to her belt…….. Enjoy


If you’re like me, and a chocolate addict but trying to be ‘good’ why not try whipping up a batch of these?
Super easy and quick to make, more than satisfies those chocolate cravings, and without all those nasties from a commercial chocolate bar.
Go all organic and make it that much more special!!

With a food processor or stick blender, blitz

– 235g or ¼ cup majool dates (pit removed)
– 45g or ½ cup raw cacao
– 125g or 1 cup walnuts

Until resembles cake crumb or sand. Firmly press into ice cube moulds and into the fridge to firm up! Makes approx 2 trays depending on the size of your moulds.
I substituted around 10g of the nuts for coconut this time around, but you can use any combination of nuts you wish.

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