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Osteopathic Treatment for Your Sinuses

Did you know that an Osteopath can help treat sinus infections, sinusitis and sinus congestion? Most patients are not aware that they can seek out relief for these issues at the Clinic.


How I started Treating Sinuses?

As an Osteopath, I have had my own personal experience with sinus treatment using Osteopathy. After moving from New Zealand to Melbourne several years ago, I developed a bad cold and congestion in my sinuses that caused intense facial pain and headaches. This was ongoing until one of my colleague’s, another Osteopath, offered to treat me.

Before the treatment I was congested, suffered facial pain and had difficulty breathing. The practitioner worked on my head, neck and rib cage. Straight after the treatment my sinuses had drained, I could breathe through my nose and the facial pain was less intense. Although it took several days after treatment for my cold to dissipate, the congestion and facial pain had eased significantly. This personal experience taught me as a practitioner, the effects and the benefits Osteopathy treatment can have for congestion and I have been utterly drawn to this treatment ever since.

How Does Sinusitis Occur?

When sinusitis occurs, the passages allowing the drainage of the mucus become restricted and the membranes lining the sinuses can become inflamed. This can present as facial pain/swelling, headaches, blocked nose, or a heaviness or pressure feeling in the face.

How Can Osteopathic Treatment help?

Osteopathy can be a useful complementary treatment and involves taking a holistic approach. To help with the drainage of the sinuses, treatment includes working around:

– the face

– sinuses

– neck

– thoracic inlet

– upper back

This helps to make your breathing easier, lessen the pain of headaches and any other symptoms you may have that are associated with sinusitis should imporove.

Treating your neck, shoulders and upper back further encourages drainage and reduces the general tension that can exacerbate the sinusitis.

For best results as a practitioner, I have found two appointments within a week to be most optimal in achieving pain relief and sinus decongestion. However, results are noticeable within 48 hours after the first treatment.


Caley Olesen

This blog post was written by Dr Caley Olesen.
You can find out more about Caley here or book an appointment with her here
Alternatively, you can contact the clinic on 03 9908 2844.

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