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The Benefits of Walking

There are lots of reasons why walking CAN be your exercise of choice!

We have seen many people taking up walking as part of their daily exercise routine during isolation in this pandemic.

The following three reasons list the benefits of walking and why it is a great exercise.

1) The physical, mental and social benefits

Walking has been seen to improve:

– Fitness

– Mood

– Cardiovascular health

– Boost muscle power and endurance

– Supports balance


2) It never gets boring and is very versatile!

You can change up your walking style by adjusting:

– Level of incline

– Walking styles

– Speed

– Weights (ankle weights/hand weights)

– Listen to your favourite music or podcast

3) There are many places to walk, so lets get creative

– Explore local areas: Royal Botanical Gardens, Albert park

– Going out on a coffee run, walk to try a new coffee shop

– Walk your dog

– Walk your children to and/or from school

– Take the long way, e.g. take the stairs instead of the lift

If you have any further questions about walking or exercise in general, make sure to chat with your Osteopath at your next appointment. They can help you find your feet and get moving the right way for your body.


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