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What is Tennis Elbow and How can it be treated?

Tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a very common injury that is often caused by overuse and repetitive stress. This injury can cause long term disability in adults. The main characteristics of tennis elbow are pain and tenderness located where your forearm meets your elbow.

Osteopathy treatment for this condition can help to fast track the healing process, and to ensure an optimal outcome and reduce the likelihood of injury recurrence.

Lateral Epicondylitis

There are many factors to why Tennis Elbow is caused. These can include:

• Excessive or inappropriate activity

• Poor sporting technique or equipment

• Muscle weakness

• Muscle tightness

• Joint tightness (particularly the wrist, elbow, neck or upper back)

• Poor posture

• Inadequate warm-up

• Inadequate rehabilitation following a previous elbow injury

• A history of neck or upper back injury

• A history of injury to the nerves that supply the elbow

Often treatments include:

• Taping

• The use of a tennis elbow brace

• Joint mobilisation

• Dry needling

• Ice or heat treatment

• Soft tissue massage

• Progressive exercises to improve flexibility & strength;

• Flexibility exercises:

• Range of Motion exercises

• Stretching

• Strength, Power, and endurance training:

• Active assistive, active & resistive exercises

• Training and activity modification advice

• Task specific performance training

• Body mechanics training

• Technique correction

• Anti-inflammatory advice


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