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Which Pillow Should I Use?

Are you having neck pain, not getting 8 hours sleep or waking up feeling exhausted? Maybe you should look at your pillow.

A pillow should supply the neck with support and comfort, and sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause shoulder & neck pain, muscle tightness and headaches.


If your pillow is too low or too high, this may cause your neck & muscle to bend too far, stretching one side of the neck and lengthening the other. Sleeping in this position for 8 hours a night is not ideal. Depending on the way you sleep and your body composition will determine what pillow is right for you.

If you are a side sleeper, you may need a slightly high pillow to maintain your neutral spine position, and if you have broad shoulders you might need to go a little higher. If your a back sleeper which may need a slightly lower pillow to ensure the neck is not in a flexed position, shortening your anterior neck muscles.

Middle Park Osteopathic Clinic have recently started stocking a new range of pillows, with a contour and different heights to ensure you spine is aligned and you’re getting a comfortable night sleep every night.


Monica Round

This post was written by Dr Monica Bassier

You can read more about Monica here or book an appointment with her here.

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